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At LGB Direct our marketing strategy can be broken down into four main components:

Understand Objectives
Each campaign we create is different; therefore we think it’s vital to thoroughly understand our clients brand message, objectives and business goals before implementing a sales strategy. We share these goals throughout the length of the campaign and work hard to create an approach that will guarantee these goals are met.

We use our knowledge of current markets to identify possible test locations before the campaign rolls out on a larger scale. These trials help locate potential leads and finalise product development through honest consumer feedback. .

Campaign roll out
Our clients benefit from the use of our highly motivated and friendly sales teams who are experts in transforming leads into sales. Through interactive promotions, in store displays and presentations we bring our clients direct to their consumer.

Thorough Analysis
Our direct marketing approach provides clients with fast, easily measurable results which ensure any changes to consumer trends can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

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