Our Opportunities

Business Development

The biggest advantage working for us is the opportunity to progress and develop. We offer a programme focused on taking our contractors and our team members from the basics of sales and marketing to all-around entrepreneurs. We want to hire aspiring individuals who have the entrepreneur spirit in them and are keen to quickly ascend our business structure and eventually take control of an entire operation or even make it their own. Through our business development programme, we work on the essentials of communication, strong leadership and organisation on a weekly basis to ensure we nurture the best entrepreneurial talent

30+ Contractors

£2.9 million worth of Sales to Date


In addition to the opportunities to progress and develop skills, we provide a huge number of incentives to make sure our contractors and team members get the most out of their time with the company.

Travel is one of the most desired incentives nowadays and we have and will offer plenty of it for the people we work with. Throughout our existence we have taken people, both for pleasure and business to a variety of countries such as USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Norway, South Africa and more.

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