Lyudmil Borisov of LGB Direct delivers inspiring speech to future business leaders

Lyudmil Borisov of LGB Direct delivers inspiring speech to future business leaders

On Sunday the 14th June Lyudmil Borisov of LGB Direct met with new industry leaders at a special event in London. The Managing Director offered insights into business leadership and shared why it is so important to deliver quality customers to clients

At the weekend sales and marketing firm, LGB Direct travelled to central London to show their support to Managing Director Lyudmil Borisov who was speaking at an important industry event. In attendance were sales and marketing professionals and business owners from all across the UK, who were invited to the event to network, share ideas and gain an insight into the latest industry advancements and learn new skills and strategies.

The one-day event was held at London’s four star Lancaster Hotel located in central Westminster. With such landmarks as London’s iconic Marble Arch and Hyde Park a mere stone’s throw away the hotel offers some spectacular views across London and is ideally located for guest travelling from outside the city, being 20 minutes away from Heathrow Airport and Paddington Station.

LGB Direct’s managing director Lyudmil Borisov was invited to the event to speak to future business leaders on the topic of quality control and why it’s so important for professionals in the industry to deliver quality customers to their clients. Working within the flourishing sales and marketing industry, all the attendees at Sunday’s event work on behalf of other businesses and offer services in customer acquisition and retention. LGB Direct has seen great success in their approach to securing long-term, satisfied customers to their clients and Lyudmil Borisov was chosen to speak at the event in order to share his experiences and advice with those new to the industry. In his keynote speech, Borisov outlined how industry professionals can boost their clients’ acquisition and retention rates by focusing on certain principles when interacting with customers. By devising strategies in which customers are obtained through a long-term desire for a for a product or service rather than a short-term incentive businesses are more likely to obtain the loyalty of quality customers who are willing to spend more over time. To locate these customers, it’s important for sales and marketing professionals to create profiles of their ideal customers and utilise opportunities for face to face communication to gain a deeper understanding of each customer’s unique requirements and motivations. This effort to understand each customer on their own merits and interests will help to drive greater brand loyalty and allow professionals to deliver more a personalised experience in the future.

LGB Direct is a sales and marketing firm that specialises in outsourced direct marketing solutions. The firm helps major national clients to increase their brand awareness and customer acquisition rates through face to face communication, which allows the firm to gain the relevant information needed to personalise the customer experience and deliver a unique tailor-made service.  The firm’s innovative approach provides their clients with the opportunity to nurture strong customer relationships which leads to an increase in brand loyalty and revenue and the means to grow and expand their brands.

Due to the continued success of their personalised marketing approaches, LGB Direct has experienced a period of accelerated growth. To support the development of the company and ensure that they have as wide a market reach for their clients as possible the firm recently relocated to a larger base in Watford which is set to provide them with the ideal location for further growth into new market territories.


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