LGB Direct set to implement new time management strategy to boost sales in Q2

LGB Direct set to implement new time management strategy to boost sales in Q2

LGB Direct set to implement new time management strategy to boost sales in Q2

Watford outsourced sales and marketing experts, LGB Direct, are set to implement a new time management strategy to boost sales in Q2.

LGB Direct understand the importance of effective time management and are keen to instill this ethos within their workforce. The firm is consistently looking for ways in which they can improve to accelerate their success, and are already looking toward Q2 of this business year.  LGB Direct recognise the crucial aspect of mastering time management in order to see professional success and increase productivity.

LGB Direct is eager to clarify the difference between ‘urgent’ tasks and ‘important,’ and the latter can be defined as a task that once completed, will add a significant benefit and value to a company. An ‘urgent’ task can be defined as one that needs immediate attention, and its completion is essential.

The firm is eager to conduct a workshop on the two concepts, clarifying the importance of not allowing urgent tasks to take over the number of tasks that are defined as important. Mastering time management is the key to this careful balance, and this can be done through scheduling, time resources and a number of further time management tools the firm is eager to provide to their young professionals.

LGB Direct is excited about Q2 and has a variety of exciting plans for the coming months. The firm is looking to expand their workforce by introducing some new professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit looking to accelerate their careers in the sales and marketing sector.

LGB Direct provide sales and marketing solutions to their clients. They envision themselves as one string of a company’s marketing pipeline. They are not the complete solution, but an integral part of their client’s marketing structure. At the core of what they do is the idea that face to face interaction is essential and the most efficient way for sales success.

LGB Direct are consistently looking for professionals seeking a challenge, and they are eager to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills they need to succeed. Should you wish to apply visit the firm at www.lgb-direct.co.uk


Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/308526


Managing Director: Lyudmil Borisov



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