LGB Direct Launch an Investigation into what Aspects Candidates Look For

LGB Direct launch an investigation into what aspects candidates look for

LGB Direct Launch an Investigation into what Aspects Candidates Look For

LGB Direct is Watford’s sales and marketing specialists that have recently launched an investigation into what candidates look for in a new role in preparation for their hunt for dynamic and motivated aspiring entrepreneurs.

LGB Direct has recently responded to research on what candidates look for in potential roles in order to ensure they continue to provide aspects that potential contractors, and top talent value in their workplace.

A recent study via Total Jobs has explored concepts valued by employees applicable to a variety of industries. The research covered 4,000 recruiters and job seekers within the UK employment market. LGB Direct are eager to explore those aspects that came out on top and have examined how the firm is proud to meet many criteria mentioned in the current climate.

Of those aspects that ranked highly across the board, over 30% of those surveyed value the opportunity for progression and career development. In response to research, LGB Direct are proud to define their business development programme, which provides contractors with the opportunity to educate themselves on the sales and marketing sector through seminars, workshops and networking events.

Amongst the most mentioned traits, a strong company culture resurfaced a number of times, with 16% stating it as essential in their job hunt. Company culture is a concept of the company that LGB Direct excels in. The firm runs weekly crew nights, incentives for travel and an open door policy all of which they state contributes to their family-like company culture.

Flexible working options with an element of stability ranked at 24%, a further aspect LGB Direct already possess. The firm has recently had a budget increase from one of their high profile clients, providing evidence for the firm’s consistent success.

Amongst further recurring aspects candidates seek in prospective roles, LGB Direct boasted a number of the highest ranking qualities. Such areas included 14% seeking trains and development, 66% seeking salary and 15% seeking a strong company brand.

LGB Direct is always looking for dynamic individuals who are eager to pave the way in regards to their own futures. The firm is keen to provide potential contractors with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the sales and marketing sector. Should you wish to apply at LGB Direct, they can be contacted on admin@lgb-direct.co.uk.


Source: https://www.totaljobs.com/insidejob/what-do-you-want-in-a-job/

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