LGB Direct increase acquisition every quarter

LGB Direct increase acquisition every quarter

Increasing sales or acquisition in every quarter of a financial year is the dream of every business owner in the world. LGB Direct explains how they have achieved success year on year.

According to Lyudmil Borisov, the Managing Director of LGB Direct in London, increased sales cannot be achieved by simply wishing or hoping. In the current tough economy business owners must take action and formulate plans `for the actual growth of any business’,  he said, `it will require one to get back to the basics and truly execute his/her plans.’

`Look don’t listen’ is one of the fundamental principles of Hubbard management systems. LGB Direct realizes the importance of meeting and looking into how the sales force are going about their tasks. In most cases it is one-on-one meeting with individual sales people that they acquire proper coaching which in return produces more sales.

 LGB Direct outlines one-to-one meetings as important for the following reasons:

  1. To allow for coaching and direction
  2. To understand where they have reached and what they are doing
  3. To review pending business
  4. To build strategies for closing current deals and plan for future days

Lyudmil Borisov of LGB Direct discovered that such exercises keep the sales force sharp and motivated. In such meetings, the individual is normally prepared and refreshed and is able to discuss their past week activities, their recent line of business as well as plans they have for the following week.

LGB Direct believe it is important to have a review of activities of the past week as well as weekly reports to ensure that what is being said is what is actually getting done. According to Lyudmil Borisov, this helps to keep track their trends in sales. From the documented results, the weak points of the individual can be easily identified and thus be trained on how to improve. In addition, they can also be coached on how to get in front of enough customers and prospects for the purpose of increasing the success rate, exceed their activity quota and document all activities.

Pending deals must also be reviewed. LGB Direct recommends the individual is asked to list their pending deals. This gauges where the rep is with the deal and the assistance needed to close it including coaching and resources. The sales manager then needs to review the individuals major actions expected to take place in the coming week.

It would also be of significant importance to ask the individual if they require any assistance or help with anything. LGB Direct claims this allows the person to open up and share their thoughts which give the sales manager the opportunity to gather a deeper understanding of what is really going on.

LGB Direct confirms increasing sales and acquisitions requires going back to basics, Lyudmil Borisov suggested that it is important to know the strengths of the business, both in good and hard times. One should never be too quick to abandon their business roots, but instead recognize what took the business to where it has gotten so far. LGB Direct’s Lyudmil Borisov adds`If one has abandoned the roots and is still struggling’ he said `back to the basics is a powerful turnaround strategy’.


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