LGB Direct alarmed by article claiming customer service is deteriorating in UK

LGB Direct alarmed by article claiming customer service is deteriorating in UK

Despite a more favourable economy, many businesses are failing to generate the profits they would like due to poor customer service. LGB Direct review the recent claims that customer service is failing to live up to consumer expectation.

LGB Direct have responded to recent research that has surfaced suggesting that many businesses across the UK are substantially failing to meet the rapidly changing consumer environment and as a result, are losing out on vital revenue. The claims come from the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) conducted by the Institute of customer service and published by Small business.co.uk on January 14th, 2015. The research found that consumer faith and trust in customer service has hit a low not seen since before 2010. The Index was based on feedback from almost 40,000 consumers and reviewed more than 200 organisations from 13 different sectors of the UK economy.


Despite the five year low, the research has highlighted a number of businesses that have been undergoing improvements to their customer service capabilities. John Lewis, Amazon and Royal Mail all came out on top of the index and have been noted as making the greatest improvements in terms of customer satisfaction. LGB Direct although alarmed by the drop in UK customer service are pleased to see that there are UK businesses that have recognised and responded to customer unrest and are actively making changes to rectify their customer relationships.

LGB Direct is urging more businesses to review their customer service processes now before it’s too late. Customer service is the foundation from which business success is built from, and an unstable foundation can quickly destroy a business in today’s ruthless markets. Due to the competitive nature of the business, businesses must do all they can to stand out from their rivals for the right reasons and the best way to do this is to provide top quality service that keeps customers coming back. By choosing a business, customers are putting their trust in that organisation to deliver on their promises, poor customer service means that an organisation is not delivering what is asked of them and as a result is abusing the trust of their consumers. By undervaluing consumers LGB Direct are warning businesses that they are not only risking existing customer relationships but are limiting their chances of creating new positive customer relationships in the future.

LGB Direct believe that in order to rectify the current state of customer service in the UK, businesses must make a conscious effort to engage and listen to their consumers to ensure they are delivering a service that meets with their various needs. To do this businesses must be vigilant and reactive, and make it a priority to keep a dialogue constantly open with all consumers.

LGB Direct is a London based specialist in customer acquisition and retention.  On behalf of businesses the firm build strong customer relationships and promote brand loyalty through face to face interactions and engaging marketing campaigns. The relationships built through LGB Directs personalised approach to marketing allows their clients to generate high revenue and benefit from a positive market reputation which creates a strong foundation from which to launch future growth and development for the business.


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