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3 Reasons to Outsource

Marketing can be highly unpredictable, by outsourcing your sales and marketing to us you are removing the risk involved with internal marketing practices. As the economy settles consumer behaviours are set to change, our combined experience in the sales and marketing industry means we are quick to react to these changes with no risk to your business. By outsourcing your sales and marketing processes to us, you and your business can look forward to an end to end strategic marketing solution that gains a high ROI and improves customer retention rates.

Outsourcing is a great solution for small businesses that perhaps don’t have the resources for a full internal marketing department. A small marketing team may result in gaps in expertise and knowledge and may lead to opportunities being missed. At LGB Direct Ltd all our sales force are highly experienced in the marketing sector and use the latest data tracking technologies to provide up to the minute results.

Our customer focused approach has been proven to be far more effective than many mainstream marketing techniques. Face to face personalised marketing creates a stronger customer connection and allows the customer to feel valued as in individual rather than a statistic. Through our interactive approach we can collect vital customer information that aids future interactions and ensures customers continue to receive a high level of service even after the purchase process.

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