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About Us

LGB Direct lives by the philosophy that outsourcing your sales or marketing should be a stress free experience that offers loads of benefits to your business.

We are a young London based business, founded in 2010. Our success throughout the recent economic climate has given us credibility within the industry that money just can’t buy. We assist our clients by increasing customer acquisition, driving sales, and developing brand awareness to generate a strong and loyal customer following.

Our ability to tailor presentations to different target markets gives us a competitive advantage over many companies that use internal strategies. The power of building a personal relationship face to face with each customer does wonders for our clients customer base.

LGB Direct services are beneficial to businesses that do not wish to worry with the day to day execution of sales or marketing strategies. Using LGB Direct and their solid business model guarantees results. The resources required to develop an inhouse sales and marketing team can be expensive so using LGB Direct’s expert advisers is the answer to expanding your customer base. You will see demand for your products or services go from strength to strength.


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