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Who are we?

Based in Watford, just north of London, LGB Direct provide direct sales solutions to an eclectic range of clients. We get a kick from seeing both the business’ we work for and the people within our firm grow. We are committed to increasing your sales and know that our team of committed sales representatives will provide the results you need.

At the core of our company is the idea that creativity and persistence are essential for the success of our sales team. Creating new leads for a company can often be a challenge, but we hire the best candidates who reflect the spontaneous creativity and persistence to overcome any problems they face and then make sure they achieve their sales goal no matter what.

Set the Criteria
Test the Market
Execute the Campaign

What do we offer?

We provide direct sales solutions to our clients. We envision ourselves as one string of your marketing pipeline. We are not the complete solution but an integral part of your marketing pipeline At the core of what we do is the idea that face to face interaction is essential for sales success. We approach customers through a wide range of events and ensure a guaranteed ROI. Need more leads? Our contractors go through a structured training programme to ensure they understand your product, how to sell it and in turn make sure we provide this guaranteed ROI.


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Why choose our services?

Here at LGB Direct we offer direct sales and marketing solutions. Our unmatched expertise in the face to face sales techniques helps to generate awesome results with a guaranteed return on investment for all our clients. If your current sales team are not hitting the targets you need, then we our outsourced direct selling technique is sure to solve this problem. We will assist you, driving your numbers in the right direction regardless of the industry you are part of. Telecoms, Finance, Non-Profit, Medical? The return on investment is guaranteed.

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